Beyond the shinier new features with iOS 12, we’ve also been diving into the subtle refinements that the new operating system offers. Follow along for how to set your iPhone or iPad to install new iOS updates automatically.

iOS 11 offers the choice install system updates in the middle of the night along with a “Remind Me Later” option for convenience. iOS 12 takes that up a notch with fully automatic iOS update option.

Make sure you’ve got a good backup strategy in place if you go for the automatic iOS updates, just incase anything goes wrong with installations.

Note: if you’re not yet on iOS 12, check out our how to video at the bottom of this post.

iOS 12: How to turn on automatic iOS updates on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings
  2. Swipe down and tap General, then Software Update
  3. You can see the on/off status on the right of Automatic Updates
  4. Tap Automatic Updates to toggle the feature on/off

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