While Apple is continuously rolling out the feature to new cities, Transit for Apple Maps is a pretty nifty tool if it’s available in your areas, and if you rely on public transportation heavily.

One of the best features of transit in Apple Maps is when in underground tunnels, as it will tell you which side of the terminal you need to leave on, and what streets you need to walk on.

iPhone: How to customize transit directions in Apple Maps

  1. Head into Settings > Maps > Transit.
  2. Tap which types of transportation you’d like Apple Maps to prefer. Note: This won’t disable it when planning out trips, but will prefer other types of transportation when available. For example, if you turn off ferry, but it’s the only way to get to your destination, it will still use it to give you directions.

While it was pretty rough when it first launched, Apple Maps is getting better as the days go on, constantly adding new features with every OS update, including transit updates.

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