Is your Apple Music Library missing? Read on for how to check your iCloud Music settings to recover your Apple Music Library.

Apple Music is a great streaming service that allows users to save and download music and videos to a personal library. However, if you’ve signed out of your iTunes/App Store account or are setting up a new device, iCloud Music Library isn’t turned on by default.

Follow along with the steps below to see if this quick change will recover your Apple Music Library on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple Music library missing? Check your iCloud Music settings

iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings
  2. Swipe down to Music
  3. Tap the toggle next to iCloud Music Libary to recover your Apple Music Library
  4. It make take some time for your library to repopulate in the Music app

Here’s how the process looks:

Apple Music library missing


  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click iTunes in the top left corner, then select Preferences…
  3. Under the General tab, check the box next to iCloud Music Library
  4. It make take some time for your library to show up in iTunes again

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