Need to find the serial number of your AirPods? Follow along for three different ways to locate it.

While Apple has removed serial numbers from the back of its iPhones, AirPods still feature them printed on the charging case. However, if the serial number is too small to read or has worn off, we’ll explain how to find it in settings as well as a third option.

How to find the serial number of your AirPods

Inside the charging case

  1. Flip open the lid of your AirPods charging case
  2. Look for the serial number on the inside of the lid where the left AirPod sits as shown below

find AirPods serial number

Settings on your iPhone

  1. If you’re having trouble reading the serial number on the charging case, open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Make sure your AirPods are connected
  3. Now navigate to General → About → AirPods which is at the bottom (AirPods will only show up if they are actively connected to your iPhone)

find AirPods serial number iPhone Settings

If you can’t find your serial number with either of the options above, you can locate it on the original packaging if you still have it.

Reach out to Apple Support if you’re still not able to track down your AirPods’ serial number.

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