Does it feel like you’re getting too many Siri Suggestions on your iPhone? Read on for how to customize or disable Siri Suggestions on a per-app or system-wide basis.

Siri Suggestions can be helpful, but in some cases, they might start to feel overwhelming or unnecessary. Fortunately, it’s easy to disable these Siri recommendations either for individual apps or across iOS if you’d like.

While the images below show the process on iPhone, the same steps will apply on iPad as well.

How to disable Siri Suggestions on iPhone

  1. Open Settings
  2. Swipe down and tap Siri & Search
  3. Look for the toggles next to Suggestions in Search, Look Up, and Lock Screen
  4. Toggle off the ones you prefer not to use
  5. To disable/customize Siri Suggestions for individual apps, swipe down below, choose an app and toggle off the desired options

Here’s how the process looks:

disable Siri Suggestions iPhone walkthrough

If you’d like to keep Siri Suggestions on, but just fine-tune which apps are enabled/disabled, swipe down below to customize them. You can, of course, use both the system Siri Suggestion toggles as well as the individual app settings.

disable Siri Suggestions iPhone

Read more about Siri Suggestions on Apple’s support page here.

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