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July 14

Ulysses 20 writing app brings new dashboard with grammar and style check, outline features, more

Ulysses is a powerful writing and Markdown editor for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and a new update today brings the app to version 20 with a variety of new features. Ulysses 20 adds an all-new dashboard, revision tools, built-in grammar check, and more.

July 31

Epic Games CEO sees Apple’s App Store business as ‘the most uneven in the history’

Apple has been facing accusations of anticompetitive practices as the U.S. House Judiciary Committee investigates the company for potential antitrust concerns mostly related to the App Store. Following Tim Cook’s testimony at a public hearing this week, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney criticized Apple claiming the company imposes unfair conditions on developers.

June 22

Top 10 iOS games generate $13M in daily revenue, says report; Fortnite #1

A new report today estimates that the top 10 iOS games generate more than $13M in daily revenue. Fortnite is said to be the highest-grossing game, generating some $2.75M per day. Revenue is split across paid apps, in-app purchases, and ad revenue from free apps. It highlights one particular type of ad as a growing […]

May 13

Epic Games shows off Unreal Engine 5 said to offer ‘quantum leap,’ will work with iOS and Mac

Epic Games teased its upcoming Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) today with a detailed look the super sharp and detailed gameplay it will make possible. While the demo shared today on YouTube was done with the PlayStation 5, Unreal Engine 5 will also bring its impressive tech to games on iOS and Mac too.

April 8

Disney+ crosses 50 million subscribers just five months after launch

Disney+ continues to grow its subscriber base, thanks in large part to expanding availability to new international rollouts. The company announced today that Disney+ has surpassed 50 million subscribers just five months after launch.

April 11

The Rewind: Mac mini (2020 release) – still as versatile as ever [Video]

At the time of its release back in 2018, the Mac mini had the designation of being the most versatile Mac in Apple’s entire desktop lineup. With the release of the Mac Pro, that designation now belongs to Apple’s professional-oriented desktop machine with PCIe expandability. But the Mac mini remains one of the most value-laden […]

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