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iPhone 6 Stories February 7

France has fined Apple $27M for adding battery management features to iPhones

France has fined Apple €25M ($27M) for the battery-management features that slowed the performance of older iPhones in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns. It’s taken quite a while to reach this point: the French consumer watchdog DGCCRF began its investigation more than a year ago…

iPhone 6 Stories February 5, 2016

Apple acknowledges that third-party home button repairs to iPhone 6 can brick the device (updated)

The Guardian reports that Apple has acknowledged growing complaints that third-party repairs to the Touch ID home button of an iPhone 6 can brick the device when iOS is updated, and that it is a deliberate security feature. There have been growing reports of an ‘error 53‘ following an iOS update to an iPhone 6, leaving the […]

iPhone 6 Stories December 18, 2015

Apple’s iPhone continues to top Flickr’s most popular camera list in 2015

Flickr today released their list of most popular cameras and brands used for photos shared on their site this year, and it’s no surprise that Apple’s iPhone continues to top the list. The iPhone 6 alone tops the list of most popular camera on Flickr in 2015, accounting for 5% of all photographers on the […]

iPhone 6 Stories February 9, 2016

Apple screen protector installation program officially rolling out to US Apple Stores and beyond from today

Apple is now deploying its new screen protector program to Apple Stores across the United States and other countries from today. The introduction of the program was first reported by 9to5Mac and rolled out to Japanese Apple Stores last week. The program allows customers to get a Belkin screen protector carefully applied to their iPhone in store. At Apple Stores across […]

iPhone 6 Stories February 11, 2016

Law firm follows through with plan to file class action suit against Apple over ‘Error 53’

Earlier this month, Apple acknowledged an issue referred to as “Error 53” that causes iPhone 6 units with home buttons repaired by a third-party to potentially be bricked with software updates. Shortly after Apple acknowledged the issue, a Seattle-based law firm announce that it was considering filing a class action lawsuit against Apple for forcing people […]

iPhone 6 Stories February 15, 2016

Apple officially acknowledges iPhone bricking ‘1970 date’ bug, says upcoming software update will fix

Last week, it was discovered that setting your iOS device system date and time back to January 1st 1970 would crash your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch effectively bricking it. Setting the date back this far would prevent the iPhone or other iOS device from booting up until the battery died. AppleCare has been flooded with people bringing in their […]

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