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iPhone Stories May 1

Opinion: The ‘Apple is doomed’ messages are booming, but are entirely wrong

The idea that ‘Apple is doomed’ has been a constant refrain from some quarters throughout the decades, and has been given something of a boost during the coronavirus crisis. First, there was the opening quarter of the year – Apple’s fiscal Q2. There was a dramatic difference between Apple’s original guidance and the actual numbers […]

iPhone Stories February 5

Foxconn to quarantine iPhone workers for 14 days in response to coronavirus

Foxconn has announced plans to quarantine iPhone workers when they return to work on February 10, in an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The company’s biggest factory is in Zhengzhou, in the Henan province, some 300 miles from Wuhan, where the outbreak began…

iPhone Stories March 15, 2011

The A5 chip almost twice the size of A4, fabbed on Samsung's 45nm process

Floorplan comparison: Apple’s A4 chip (left) and the latest A5 processor (right) Reverse engineering wizards over at Chipworks put the A5 chip under a microscope. Yes, it’s a Samsung – confirming our hunch. The experts came to this conclusion by putting the chip under a microscope and examining dielectric layers and the shape of the transistor […]

iPhone Stories July 18, 2011

iPad 3/2HD/Plus mockups to drool over…

We loved his iPhone 5 mockups, now Guilherme Schasiepen’s wows us with his iPad 2HD/Plus/HD, via More below:

iPhone Stories October 19, 2011

Samsung looks to make Apple parts beyond 2012 and into 2013-2014

Samsung manufactures the Apple-designed A5 chip found inside iPhone 4S and provides 512MB DDR2 RAM for the processor. Samsung and Apple are working towards a resolution to the differences that have been plaguing their long-standing relationship, which culminated with some twenty patent infringement claims filed before courts in a dozen countries around the world. Quoting […]

iPhone Stories September 19, 2011

Ahead of the launch, Samsung wants iPhone 5 banished from Korea

An artist’s rendition of iPhone 5. The Korea Times reports that Samsung “is seeking a complete ban” on the iPhone 5 sales in Korea – even before the handset is even released, let alone officially announced. Local carriers KT and SK Telecom have so far sold about 3.1 million iPhones in the country. The paper […]

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