A10 Stories December 13, 2016


Samsung is said to be considering spinning off its chipmaking division in response to losing Apple’s A-Series chip business.

Apple’s A-series chip orders for iPhones and iPads used to be split between Samsung and TSMC, but Apple dropped Samsung for the A10 chip in the iPhone 7 and is reported to be doing the same for the A11 chip in next year’s iPhone …

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A10 Stories February 16, 2016

Report: Apple applying EMI shielding to individual chips in iPhone 7 to reduce interference

A report from Korea’s ETnews claims that Apple will be applying Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding to a number of individual chips in the iPhone 7, to reduce electromagnetic interference. This would be a step up from Apple’s current approach of applying shielding to the circuit board as a whole, though it did apply shielding to the S1 chip used in the Apple Watch.

“As clock signals of digital chips have increased and as diverse functions such as 3D-touch and others have recently added, reduction of electromagnetic waves have emerged as major topic of this industry.” said a representative of this industry.

While unattributed, the report appears to originate from one of the Korean companies said to be in line to carry out the shielding work, StatsChipPac and Amkor. Given that the piece talks-up prospects for companies involved in the business, we’re chalking it up as an unverified claim.

Taiwan’s TSMC is said to be in line to be the sole supplier of A10 chips for the iPhone 7, while a report today claims that Wistron will be added to Apple’s existing assembler roster of Foxconn and Pegatron.

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A10 Stories February 15, 2016


Apple chipmaker TSMC said that the earthquake that hit southern Taiwan earlier this month caused damage that will impact production, but has not yet given a clear indication of the scale of the problem. The company is one of two chip fabricators for the iPhone 6s, and is expected to be the sole manufacturer of the A10 chip for the iPhone 7.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake on February 6 killed 116 people and injured many more, with significant damage also caused to manufacturing facilities …

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A10 Stories February 10, 2016


According to a report from South Korean news outlet The Electronic Times, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, better known as TSMC, has reached a deal with Apple to be the sole provider of the processor used in the next-generation iPhone. TSMC and Samsung shared the task of building the processors for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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A10 Stories May 26, 2015


A trio of new rumors from a handful of Asian sources have popped up over the holiday and today, each predicting a different facet of the upcoming ‘iPhone 6S‘. While these are still just very unverified whispers at the moment, odds are that at least one of these will end up coming at least partially true.

Here’s a roundup of the latest iPhone rumors, in no particular order:

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A10 Stories February 26, 2015


The WSJ is suggesting that Apple’s growing presence in Israel is focused on expanding the company’s chip design capabilities, reporting that it has hired most of the local employees of a chip design company shut down by Texas Instruments and is advertising new positions in silicon and semiconductor design.

“Apple’s Israeli acquisitions and its expanding local workforce show that the company is becoming more and more independent on the chip level, where it once had to rely on external suppliers,” said Shlomo Gradman, chairman of the Israeli Semiconductor Club.

While the report contains more speculation than hard fact, we noted yesterday that Tim Cook–who is currently visiting the country–is accompanied by Johny Srouji, whose bio on the Apple website says that he “leads all custom silicon architecture and development” …

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