Apple Polishing Cloth Stories January 19

Apple explains how to clean its Polishing Cloth (without buying a new Polishing Cloth)

One of the most popular products from Apple in 2021 was certainly its polishing cloth. With stock gone for weeks, the product only recently reappeared, but a question remained: how to actually clean it without the need to buy a new polishing cloth? Apple has explained.

Apple Polishing Cloth Stories January 11

The nightmare is over: the Apple Polishing Cloth is back in-stock and ready to ship

The Apple polishing cloth has become a legendary meme in the technology world, both because of its price tag and because it’s been virtually impossible to obtain – the $19 polishing cloth was previously backordered several months but now delivers within two days. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Apple’s polishing cloth, now is the time to jump on it.

Apple Polishing Cloth Stories November 10, 2021

Apple’s new Polishing Cloth has taken the world by storm, and as usual, Samsung is following closely behind with its offering. While Apple is charging $19 for its Polishing Cloth, Samsung poked fun at Apple’s premium offering by giving away free polishing cloths to buyers…

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Apple Polishing Cloth Stories November 3, 2021

The Apple polishing cloth is this year’s big hit. Heck, it’s backordered up to 12 weeks. And yet it’s just a piece of gray cloth. So, what if Apple were to take the marketing success they’re seeing with this polishing cloth and make something a bit more fun? Remember iPod socks? Those are the right model for making something a bit more interesting and desirable.

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Apple Polishing Cloth Stories November 2, 2021

When the “Unleashed” Apple event wrapped up a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was run over to the Apple store to see if any new unannounced accessories had been added. Sure enough, a handful of new ones were. But only one of them stood out: the polishing cloth. It’s taken the world by storm, so much so in fact that it’s backordered up to nearly 12 weeks. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on one and I’ve been using it rigorously over the past week.

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Apple Polishing Cloth Stories October 29, 2021

The Apple Polishing Cloth hype train continues today. This time, the New York Times has published a new story going in-depth on the demand for Apple’s $19 screen cleaning cloth, quoting an anonymous Apple official in saying that the company is apparently “not surprised” by the demand.

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Apple Polishing Cloth Stories October 28, 2021

iFixit ‘tears down’ Apple Polishing Cloth to reveal why Apple charges a premium for it

Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth has become a hilarious meme but going beyond that, there are what appears to be many people spending real money for the “premium” cloth. Now iFixit has given in to the demands of the masses and done an Apple Polishing Cloth teardown 😂👏.

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