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June 2012 - June 2021

ScreenFlow is a popular screen recording and video editing app for the Mac. It’s great for performing screen casts, making tutorials, or even doing light video editing. ScreenFlow 7 is the latest version of the app, and adds new features like dark interface mode, text animations, Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration, and more.

ScreenFlow Stories June 23, 2021

Telestream’s ScreenFlow, the highly capable screen capture app for Mac, was just updated to version 10. Over the years, ScreenFlow has grown into a powerful video capture, composition, and editing suite, and ScreenFlow 10 continues on this path. The update includes new lower thirds title options, multiple simultaneous recording streams, multi-app recording, automatic background remover, and big performance improvements, among other enhancements.

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ScreenFlow Stories August 4, 2017

In this week’s edition of Friday 5, we take a look at ScreenFlow 7 — a major update to the previous version of the popular screen recording and editing app. ScreenFlow 7 features brand new export options, a newly-implemented dark mode interface, support for custom hotkey mapping, and much more. Have a look at five of my favorite new features found in this major ScreenFlow update. expand full story

ScreenFlow Stories March 15, 2017

When it comes to recording your Mac’s screen, there are lots of options available for macOS. In fact, Apple includes a built-in screen recording option in QuickTime, and if you only record your screen once in a blue moon then it’s a satisfying option.

If, however, you find yourself recording your screen on a regular basis, you should definitely look into an app that’s more powerful and agile. ScreenFlow 6 is hands-down the best screen recording app available on any platform in my opinion. It features a healthy mix of powerful features, a beautiful UI, and an intuitive interface that’s easy to use.

If you’ve never used ScreenFlow, or you’re just getting started, then this post is for you. Check out our hands-on video walkthrough as I guide you through 10 basic ScreenFlow tips. expand full story

ScreenFlow Stories March 10, 2015

Mac-software-bundleUpdate: Ending in 24 hours

9to5Toys Specials has put together a really impressive bundle of 8 Mac apps including the latest versions of Screenflow and Things (which are $100 and $49 at the Mac App Store by themselves!).

Using the coupon code ULTRAMAC5 at checkout, 9to5 readers can get an extra $5 discount over at to buy the whole bundle for $39.99 – that’s 91% off from the $470 retail price. 

Every app’s latest version is included, none of which has ever been in a bundle before (except AfterShot Pro 2). In fact, 6 of the apps cost more by themselves than the whole bundle(!!)

Here’s what’s in the goodie bag:

  1. ScreenFlow 5 ($99.99) – The best screen recording tool for Mac. Version 5 was released in October and has never been in a bundle before.
  2. Things 2 ($49) – Award-winning task management app that’s never been in a bundle before.
  3. Civilization: Beyond Earth ($49.99) – The latest in the epic Civilization series.
  4. ExpanDrive 4 ($49.95) – Slick utility app.
  5. ProSoft Data Rescue 4 ($99.99) – Market leader in data recovery. This is the new version 4.
  6. AfterShot Pro 2 ($79.95) – A very solid photo editor, and the only app included that’s been in a bundle before.
  7. Typed ($24.95) – A new text editor that has gotten a lot of hype and acclaim out the gate.
  8. Snapselect ($24.99) – Handy new photo app from MacPhun.

In all, the value is almost $470, and with the coupon code “ULTRAMAC5” 9to5 readers can grab it for $39.99 (91% off). You have 24 hours left. 

ScreenFlow Stories September 18, 2013



For the rest of September, MacUpdate has a solid $49.99 9 app bundle on its hands. All of the bundled titles represent the newest releases and will be compatible with the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks release.  ($50 too much? ‘Name your own price’ for this bundle). The $49.99 bundle includes:

1. ScreenFlow 4 – $99.99 – The best way to record screencasts on a Mac. 2. TechTool Pro 7 – $99.99 – The latest version of the powerful system utility. 3. Civilization V: Gold Edition – $49.99 – Best-selling strategy game, packed with extra content 4. PDFpen 6 – $59.95 – The all-purpose, easy-to-use PDF editor. 5. Snapheal Pro – $39.99 – The easiest way to remove objects and enhance your photos. 6. DeltaWalker – $39.95 – Compare and merge files and folders. 7. Vitamin-R 2 – $29.99 – Boost your productivity by enhancing your on-task focus. 8. Choco 2 – $29.99 – Design gorgeous photo collages with ease. 9. Aurora 5 – $14.95 – The most versatile alarm clock for your Mac.

In addition, bundle buyers can save more with these optional upgrades: expand full story

ScreenFlow Stories June 19, 2012

Good Deals: Pixelmator is $15 today, $49.99 Parallels (11 Mac app) bundle ends in a few hours

From  (Twitter, Feed) today:

2011 Apple Design award winning image editor Pixelmator is only $15 today at the Mac App Store.  That’s half off and the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Also, if you are going to put Parallels on your new Mac, MacUpdate has a pretty incredible 11 app bundle for $49.99 (Details). You only have a few hours to hit this one before it expires.

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