9to5Mac compiled another list of the top app news, updates, and launches in our usual roundup below. The highlights from today include a new photo-sharing app designed for Panoramas, iPhone 5 and iPad 4 optimizations, and a couple of notable app sales for iOS. As always, we will continually update this list throughout the day.


1. PanoPerfect for iOS | Free
PanoPerfect is now live—just think Instagram for Panoramas. It is optimized for iPhone 5 and subsequently perfect for sharing and displaying Panorama snapped with iOS 6. Check out the video promo above.

Check out more below.

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1. Spotify for iOS | Free
Not much to say, other than: “Spotify now looks great on iPhone 5!”

2. WolframAlpha for iOS | $3.99
Version 1.5.0 includes auto-completion for queries: “The Wolfram|Alpha app now takes advantage of our vast and growing knowledge base to predict your question before you finish typing it.”

3. Fandango for iOS | Free
Fadango now allows users to send their “Mobile Ticket” for participating theaters to Passbook, and it lets them save theater reward card numbers. Oh, and the update adds general bug fixes and usability enhancements.

4. Asphalt 7 for iOS | 99 cents
Now optimized for iPad 4.

Price drops:

1. Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit for iOS | $2.99 (was $4.99)

2. Colorstrokes for iOS | 99 cents (was $2.99)

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