Ever since the iPhone 5c launched along with a specially-designed case, people have compared the case’s design to a the game Connect Four. Now a new app has arrived on the App Store that takes that observation and turns it into a real game. The app is called Flipcase, and the idea is pretty simple: you put your iPhone 5c case on backwards, so that the holes on the back are on top of the screen, and then take turns tapping the columns to try to connect four colored dots.

The app’s description says it’s compatible with other iPhone models, including the iPhone 5 and 5s, though it’s designed specifically with the 5c in mind. Flipcase is available for free on the App Store.

… And another cool use for the 5c case:

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6 Responses to “iPhone app turns your iPhone 5c (and case) into ‘Connect Four’ board”

  1. msqueenn says:

    I’m speechless!


  2. This may sound stupid but I kind of want a 5C now.


  3. This is pretty damn innovative. Wow.


  4. Connect Four didn’t come to mind when I saw the case, Crocs did, but nice idea.


  5. Lame !! It was only abt time someone did this. Shows exactly how bad the case is since this is probably the best thing the case does.