A number of Mac users in an Apple Support Communities thread are reporting that Apple’s 10.9.2 update to Mavericks has broken AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV and the ability to extend desktops to external monitors.

I just updated to 10.9.2 and now when i try and airplay mirror to my Apple TV, it sends the audio but just shows a black screen and i can’t drag anything to it. It doesn’t show any of the options for external displays in the displays section of System Preferences … 

There is as yet no obvious common denominator among those experiencing the problem, though as it works with fresh installs of OS X 10.9.2, it seems it may be a conflict with a setting from earlier versions of OS X.

Got all the way up to a senior advisor. Ended up doing a full reinstall fresh from Mavericks and testing airplay mirroring (worked) then went up to 10.9.2 and tested it (worked). None of my own data was on this at all, completely fresh. Used Migration Assistant to move my stuff over from my Time Machine backup and boom, not working again.

Mail issues have also been reported with 10.9.2. Although the Mail problems that have been plaguing Mavericks were supposed to have been resolved by this update, some users have been  reporting spinning beachballs when used with Gmail accounts, though with a possible solution identified: unchecking Gmail accounts in System Preferences, opening Mail then deleting and recreating the accounts. This is only safe if using IMAP, otherwise mail will be lost.

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44 Responses to “OS X 10.9.2 breaks AirPlay Mirroring and desktop extensions to external monitors for some users”

  1. I haven’t tried AirPlay mirroring to an Apple TV since updating but my desktop extension to an external display has continued to work fine for me.


  2. The problem is solved be removing AirParrot and drivers.

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  3. PMZanetti says:

    Der….AirPlay mirroring shows a black screen if you try to AirPlay to an AppleTV from a Mac mini with no physical monitor attached. That’s not new.

    I doubt this is any other scenario.


  4. Even FaceTime is having problems. Doesn’t seem like many are having this problem though.
    There is a blur at the top of the FaceTime window since I have upgraded to 10.9.2


  5. Faked Book says:

    This update actually fixed the issue I was having with dropped connections to my Apple TV.


  6. Joel Senders says:

    If it worked on a fresh system, then it is an issue with user data, whether it be a driver, app, pref, etc. At that point, create a new test account and try it there. If the issue still occurs, then it is a system-wide problem, something in /Applications, /Library or /System.

    If it is determined to be a third-party incompatible driver or agent (like some reported regarding AirParrot) then this article needs to be taken down. It is hardly “news” that a third party piece of software can cause a problem after an update. Let alone, it is not “10.9.2 that breaks airplay mirroring”, it is the third-party software that breaks it. Apple cannot be expected to know every incompatible combination of third-party software and receive blame when there is a problem caused by it.


  7. Sorry for my bad english, problem is not in apple, not in OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks, problem is between keyboard and chair, if you are using third-party app for air streaming like a Airparrot and others very bad programming app uncompatible with OS X, problem is you and not apple. You can uninstall Airparrot with Airparrot removal tool (you must delete all app files and also drivers kext). Other seamless app are beamer which are sending video in any format to your apple tv (decoded on the air) … etc. May be uninstalling this uncompatible app help to someone, have a nice day.


    • Paul Beasi says:

      I have both AirParrot and Beamer installed on my Late-2012 iMac and my mid-2011 MacBook Air and I am having no problems after the update with an AppleTV 3. I tried extending the desktop and mirroring the desktop from each. Worked fine. Beamer also worked fine. I didn’t try AirParrot, but it’s still installed.


    • Before arbitrarily insulting thousands of Mac users you should probably just consider giving potential advice instead of being so incredibly wrong. I have no third party apps installed and the problem did not start up until the 10.9.2 upgrade. Please try and be constructive in the future rather than trying to be cool and embarrassing yourself in the process.


  8. I prepare how to remove Airparrot app here:

    Some people has problem with iSight camera with this third-party app so video is for fix iSight camera problem but you can see how to remove Airparrot on this video too. Hope this help to someone.


  9. And please don’t disseminate news like this one, it’s not correct for Apple. Apple is the number one company, and millions people in every worl are happy with Apple product. If somebody create bad, very badly programmed app and some people choise to use this app , as i say problem is between keyboard and chair.


  10. tpetaccia says:

    Has anyone verified if using the Combo Updater .. as opposed to using the Software Update mini-patch .. makes a difference?


  11. greyjensen says:

    A permanent fix for the ongoing dysfunction associated with IMAP-Gmail: Get rid of Gmail. Pay $10 for a domain, and a few dollars a month for hosting. It will make your life better. I promise.


  12. for anyone having issues, even after you uninstall Airparrot. There are two files that linger that need to be removed.

    Follow the steps here:


  13. i am staying with Mountain Lion, 10.8.5. Every new op-sys that Apple comes out with REMOVES features. You can not sync with usb cable contacts & calendars. YOU ARE FORCED TO USE iCloud to sync those items between your iPhone, & iPad, now with Mavericks. I restored previous operating system so I could use those features.


  14. I don’t have airparrot or anything else installed and my airplay screen mirroring capabilities are gone after the 10.9.2 update. I get a blank spot in my menubar and when I click on it it shows a non-airplay screen mirroring icon with a drop down for a second and then disappears altogether, including the blank spot in the menubar.


  15. I actually was having an issue with AIrPlay and chromes flash or Adobe Air. It would cause my laptop screen to lock up but run on the air played screen. With 10.9.2 I did have the black screen at first but a complete restart of my laptop and airplay works with out issue even with chrome and my Adobe air app.


  16. I don’t have air parrot and yet have lost use of the second display as well since the update yesterday…any advice would be great.


  17. Brad Henley says:

    My 21.5 inch Mic 2011 iMac has the issue. I have never had air parrot, I have an extended monitor which was not a problem with 10.9.1. since updating it doesn’t let me select ‘Mirror iMac’ or ‘Mirror extra screen’ and the ‘Extend Desktop’ option it connects to is just a black screen. I can still stream sound through iTunes.
    Is there any way to uninstall an update – I was completely happy before?
    Is there any way to roll back through time machine?


  18. Phil Pool says:

    I’m a professional photographer and mirror to a projector where I display wall images to my portrait clients. Now, it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do, as none of the problems talk about anything other than the Apple TV. I’m assuming my problem is the same, but mine isn’t associated with AirPlay or the Apple TV. Does anyone know what to do?


  19. I only realized yesterday that Airplay isn’t working correctly… black screen though audio is just fine. I can’t mirror at all. Tried a different User Account… nothing. That’s very annoying for me since I tend to watch even my DVDs streamed to AppleTV from my MAC (I have no normal DVD player anymore with my TV). …

    I don’t use Air Parrot… I don’t know what I should deinstall. I am thinking about reinstalling the whole MAC … but I’d hate it right know. I have enough to do today… And that would take hours…


  20. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. not being able to watch my shared media on my tv is very frustrating!


  21. Elk Hunter says:

    After doing a safe boot with 10.9.2 airplay is working again.


  22. Ward Selleck says:

    Same mirroring problem,right click tv icon on task bar,it won’t uncheck extended desktop or allow mirroring to be checked and tv is just blank.and have just updated mavericks.worked fine before.


  23. Ward Selleck says:

    Although mirroring won’t work as before after update,when using itunes on ATV,works as usual when playing videos in iTunes library.


  24. Mine still doesn’t work! :(


  25. I have solved!!!!!!! If you use IPv4 address you have to completely disable IPV6 and the icon magically reappears… 3 hours!!! fuck!!! You’ll have to do this in the router/modem mask…


  26. Roy Sherman says:

    I am running OS 10.9.4 and don’t have air parrot on my IMAC, however the display also no longer mirrors to the apple tv. only get sound, no picture. It will not let me change the iMac from “extend” to “mirror iMac”. It works on my macbook air, also running 10.9.4. I keep all my macs fully updated. What do I do now ??????