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After updating iWork for iCloud and its Mac and iOS counterparts, Apple has pushed out a new Safari update as well. The new version is 7.0.3 and contains mostly bug and security fixes. Apple has been beta testing this update with developers for the past few weeks. The two biggest parts of this update are changes to push notifications and the way URLs are handled.

For users who don’t want to be asked about push notifications from any site, there’s now a checkbox in the notification preferences that disables them entirely. Unchecking the box for “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications” (seen above) will block all notification prompts in the future.

The second big change enables Safari to recognize new generic top-level domains (the .com bit at the end of the URL). The organization responsible for managing these has recently created several new ones for generic terms (like “.pizza”). Safari will now recognize these and go to the correct URL rather than trying to search for the term.

The bugs fixed in this update include an issue that could cause the location/search bar to send text before the return key was pressed or attempt to load a webpage even though the text entered was a search term; better support for credit card auto-fill on certain websites; and improved sandboxing and security features.

For users on previous versions of OS X, the update is version 6.1.3 and does not include some Mavericks-specific fixes, such as notification changes. Both updates are available on the OS X App Store for all users.

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2 Responses to “Apple releases Safari 7.0.3 with push notification changes, security improvements, and more”

    • Hello.
      I need some help from you.
      I was updating the Safari a few minutes ago from de App Store and it was jus saying ”charging…” and it did not moved even a bit. Than i closed the App Sotre and opened it again some second after and it wasn’t finding the Safari Update. When i look at the safari status it says ”Safari 7.0.2”.
      How do I update my Safari now?
      Can you guys help me?