We’ve learned Apple finally has a way for users of Made-For-iPhone/iPad game controllers to view a master list of supported games from the App Store, but it will first require the controller makers to issue firmware updates to their controllers.

Ever since Apple introduced its new MFi game controllers last year— we’ve reviewed most of them including products from Moga, Logitech, and SteelSeries— one issue has been the lack of an Apple maintained master list of supported games. Each of the manufacturers have their own lists buried away somewhere on their websites, but otherwise users are left to search aimlessly online or through the App Store to find a game that supports controller input. There are third-party solutions like PhoneJoy for discovering games with support, but all third-party lists are often incomplete, not up-to-date, or only feature games tested with specific hardware. 

Application-Not-Installed-01The feature works much like the App Match feature Apple already offers, which prompts users when connecting an accessory to download a companion app or view compatible apps on the App Store. Apple has recently added the same ability for manufacturers creating MFi game controllers. Rather than sending users to a specific app, Apple says implementing the feature will prompt users to visit an Apple-maintained list of supported controller games.

The second piece of the puzzle will likely be for making that new Apple maintained list of supported controller games accessible directly via the App Store, but it’s unclear if Apple has plans for that.

All controllers will presumably have to receive a firmware update to take advantage, which are all required to be capable of via iOS or Mac. It doesn’t appear any of the MFi controllers have yet been updated.

Apple is also introducing other features for MFi game controllers this year including a new Controller Forwarding feature that will turn iPhone’s into a controller for Macs and iPads.

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7 Responses to “Apple will soon (finally) share its master list of MFi controller-enabled iOS games”

  1. Apple doesn’t understand that third party controllers will never be used by many people. Unless they allow Xbox one or PS4 controller usage then it’s all pointless. The controllers are and will remain, all complete crap (I have one too, so this is not without knowledge). If they want to go anywhere with gaming, they must either make their own controller or allow the aforementioned best controllers in the world.

    The controller forwarding is one of the worst things I’ve heard from Apple in a while, because it completely goes against Apple’s core values, namely simplicity. Literally next to no one will use those embarrassingly terrible third party extremely expensive controllers, let alone then use the iPhone with one of them attached to it in order to play games on an iPad or Mac. Honestly that is embarrassing. Frankly I can’t even believe Apple allows those controllers to be MFi labeled, as they are all utter garbage, and make the amazing Apple devices look like junk.


    • I would have to disagree, and I bet a few others would as well. I use my Moga Ace daily, and it works very well and makes games much more enjoyable.


    • Jordan Clay says:

      I would have to be the PS3 controller (and maybe the PS4), It is just a bluetooth connection and already works on the Mac. The xBox is a proprietary connection, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve tried a couple of the MFi controllers and they are expensive to buy, cheap feeling, and lack of supported games is a drag. I want to be able to use my iPad as a “brain” for my ATV and play on a real controller on my couch at home. I wouldn’t feel bad about dropping some bigger money on games if I could actually play them.


    • Wade Werner says:

      I could not agree with you more. Very well said.


    • totally agree that apple needs to make their own controller.


    • i never would spend that much money just jailbreak and get a tweak called controllers for all, it works with thousands of games and you can use ps3 controllers such as ds4 and ds3 for iphone.
      (my favorite games to play it with are respawnables, spiral ep1, nba 2k14, riptide gp2, lego star wars, call of duty strike team, gangstar vegas, pinball arcade, and dead effect, dead trigger, zombie hq, and many many more look up mfi games there a ton)