Approximately a week after releasing Skype 5.0 with a completely revamped design and new features, Microsoft is now rolling out version 5.1 with various improvements. Notably, there are enhancements to managing conversations, favorites, and finding the status of Skype contacts. From the Skype blog:

  • You can now delete a conversation from the recent list with a long press on recents. You can also edit messages you’ve recently sent with a long press on the message. (Just as you can long press on an individual message to delete it.)
  • Tap the “add favorites” link to easily fill your favorites screen with the people you contact the most.
  • The People list now matches the desktop better: we have added the “Skype” filter; the “online” filter now includes users set to online, away and do not disturb; and best of all your filter settings are saved.

The update also includes improvements to VoiceOver. The update is rolling out on the App Store today for free. Skype says more improvements are coming in the future. Be sure to check out our look at the new Skype design along with an interview with the lead designer of the software.

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One Response to “Skype 5.1 for iOS rolling out with improvements to conversations and favorites”

  1. Does anyone even use Skype anymore? I mean, I use it as my deskphone, but I am still on Version 2.8 because all the recent version suck. But I don’t see others using it anymore, and I only use it for outgoing and incoming calls from Google Voice, I don’t actually “Skype” with other Skype users anymore.