Google this afternoon started rolling out an update to its Play Music app on iOS with a handful of new features. The update bumps the app to version Firstly, the update finally adds support for gapless playback, which means that there is no pause between the end of one song and the beginning of another. The update also adds the ability to download subscribed playlists in one tap, allowing you to listen to them without a data connection.

Google also says that today’s update allows you to view all of your downloaded music in a single interface. The update also improves “listen now” recommendations and makes it easier to dismiss them.

  • New: Gapless playback
  • New: Download subscribed playlists
  • New: View current downloaded music
  • Improved: Listen now recommendations and the ability to dismiss them
  • Fixed: Loading of music library after update
  • Fixed: Various bugs leading to crashes

The update is available on the App Store now.


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5 Responses to “Google Play Music for iOS updated w/ gapless playback, ability to download subscribed playlists, more”

  1. For gapless playback alone, I’m trying this…


  2. Tavo Torres says:

    At least they’re doing something right….

    But can they fix the bad issues they have with the 4G? For some people, the streaming on 4G is still having problems and I’d like to listen to my music on 4G without any issues.


  3. midkay says:

    Can’t believe iOS got this before the Android version. Gapless has been sorely needed for so, so long.


  4. Gibran Otway says:

    Is anyone getting a offline bug, where downloaded songs are streaming instead of playing from the download?


  5. Too bad they released it without extensively trying it out to make sure it didn’t break the streaming or the downloading services… A lot of people are saying so at the App Store.
    I thought it was due to this morning’s iOS 8 beta, but it seems people on iOS 7 also are having this issue. It simply stops working almost entirely, unless by some strike of luck you manage to get some of the songs offline, and then play those.