The popular password and security management app 1Password has already previewed its iOS 8 extension and Touch ID support for unlocking and accessing its content outside of its iOS app, and today AgileBits has announced its 1Password app extension for third party apps as you can see in the video above.

The feature is a great example of new ways developers can allow users to access their tools from more corners than ever before with iOS 8, and in this case 1Password is utilizing new tools from iOS 8 to help other developers build new capabilities into their own apps.

AgileBits has supplied documentation and sample code on GitHub for other developers wanting to integrate support for the app extension with other iOS 8 apps.

Thanks to Apple’s incredible new developer features in iOS 8, third-party apps can let 1Password fill Logins without the user ever leaving the app. Yep, complete with Touch ID for unlocking the vault. Yep, it’s this awesome.

How easy is it for third-party apps to get in on this one-tap Login goodness? Extremely! Developers: check out our 1Password App Extension on GitHub with documentation and sample code.

1Password is expected to ship its new version with its iOS extension, Touch ID support, and third party app extension support when iOS 8 ships to the public this fall. In the meantime, developers can check out 1Password’s GitHub for integrating 1Password’s extension for easy login.

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11 Responses to “1Password debuts extension for third party apps on iOS 8”

  1. Abraham Song says:

    I cannot wait for iOS 8. Extensions for iOS is such a game changer. Also, 1password is going to be much more of a pleasure to use once this rolls out!


  2. I love you 1Password. :-)


  3. Jonny says:

    Maybe I misunderstood the extensions in iOS 8. Do developers of other apps have to specifically integrate code for each app they want to allow? Or is that part only so the app can have the 1password icon (like it does in the video in the web browser bar)? I would have assumed AgileBits would make their extension available based on certain criteria and if you were in another app and hit the sharesheet button, 1password would be an option… maybe both are true.


  4. PMZanetti says:

    Why would anyone use 1Password, especially on iOS, since the release of iCloud Keychain? Maybe the lack of a good UI manager on iOS (digging in to Safari settings is lame). That’s about it. iOS 8 brings the ability for iCloud Keychain to auto-fill Apps, not just Safari.


    • I think you’ve answered your own question. “iCloud”

      I don’t want my password data all in one central cloud location. There are of course other reasons, including cross-platform support and the ability to contain certain bits of data that aren’t typical for the keychain – and I’m sure many more for which you can browse the details at Agile’s site.


    • Tim says:

      Because 1Password is much, much more than a simple password generator/password storage app. I take it you’ve never read reviews of it, otherwise you wouldn’t have made that comment.


  5. Ry L says:

    It’d be nicer if they made an iOS 8 keyboard with 1Password built in. That way they wouldn’t have to depend on app developers implementing anything.


    • Third party keyboard extensions are not allowed access to text entry fields that have been marked as “secure” (the ones that show the dots when you type) so it wouldn’t work out very well. This is of course for privacy/security since a keyboard extension sees everything you type and generally you wouldn’t want random devs getting access to that – although ironically 1Password is probably one of the few I’d trust with it. :)


  6. hazinf says:

    @PMZanetti – because you have Windows and/or Android devices as well. 1Password is available on both.

    LastPass also has Linux versions, I believe. Last I checked, iCloud Keychain only supports Apple.

    Also, I’ve been using 1Password since before you could do all that with iCloud Keychain, and I can’t be bothered moving it all into a new system.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. coolfactor says:

    It’s interesting that the Share sheet is required as an in-between. Seems like an annoying middle step. It would be nice if tapping the 1Password button immediately launched that corresponding third-party extension. Is this an oversight by Apple?