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A lot of our favorite apps are on sale in this special promotion. Scanner Pro, Fantastical, Launch Center Pro, Clear, Notability, PDF Expert and many more are at or near all time low prices. Too early for back to school?

Full list of Apps and markdowns follows:

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9 Responses to “Apple runs limited-time sale on 20 popular ‘Amazing Productivity Apps’ for iOS”

  1. herb02135go says:

    If all of these “productivity” apps are so great why don’t people have more leisure time? Think how much time is spent on using new products.


    • Because when everyone is using them, everyone can be more productive, so there’s no change in relative productivity at all and we all just have to work more and more.


    • Robert Nixon says:

      I absolutely have more leisure time as a result of many of these “productivity” apps.

      People who don’t are either using them to do more work in the same amount of time(rather than the same amount of work in less time) or they aren’t using them effectively. It’s that simple.


  2. Rigor Mortis says:

    a little description for each app wouldn’t of hurt


  3. Guys, check out PaperBox ( It is an insanely beautiful business app for scanning documents and tracking expenses. It has amazing scan quality and is by far the best app in it’s field! Best of all? It’s completely free.


  4. Got a $10 illustrator app for free on my iPad yesterday!