After revealing plans to finally bring Spotify to Canada last month, users in the country have now started receiving invites to try the streaming music service. A reader sent in the image above and others have received their invite over the last 24 hours,.

Congratulations — you’re in!

You’ve been chosen to try Spotify in Canada before everyone else!

Millions of songs are now waiting for you. The artists you love, the latest hits and new discoveries— all for free on mobile, tablet and desktop. Happy listening!

The company initially announced last month that the service would launch in the coming months, but now seems to be launching a test of the service with select users that signed-up here. Spotify is currently available in a long list of countries around the world, but it doesn’t yet list Canada on its website.

The company appears to be offering the service in trial mode for free but doesn’t mention pricing for a premium service for Canadians. Users that receive a code can access the service here.

(Thanks Josh!)

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4 Responses to “Spotify starts sending invites for users to try service in Canada”

  1. Jonny says:

    I just got mine! Also worth noting, I had a US account and was paying for it with a combination of a US PayPal account and Entropay (some virtual Visa card thing) because it would reject Canadian credit cards. When they updated the app to say it was coming to Canada a few weeks ago, I went into my US account and was able to change my payment method to a Canadian card. I’m not sure if there’s any differences between the two accounts (Can vs US) but if there’s anyone else doing similar workarounds, you should be able to just change your payment method.
    I think the price in canadian dollars was $11.00-ish/month


  2. I’m currently waiting for a code to be sent to me if it will happen at all.


  3. adanac100 says:

    I have to admit I’m surprised it has taken so long for Spotify to reach Canada. I live in New Zealand and get Spotify Premium for free through my Mobile provider (Spark NZ)


  4. Dee Jay says:

    gee wish I had gotten an invite to try it