About a month ago, word broke that Samsung was interested in acquiring home automation firm SmartThings and today the two companies have made things official. A blog post by the company’s founder and CEO, Alex Hawkinson acknowledged the deal and stated that SmartThings will continue to act as an independent company under Samsung’s Open Innovation Center group.

“We will continue to run SmartThings the way we always have: by embracing our community of customers, developers, and device makers and championing the creation of the leading open platform for the smart home,” Hawkinson wrote. “Our growing team will remain fully intact and will relocate to a new headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. In short: SmartThings will remain SmartThings.”

If you’re unfamiliar with SmartThings, the company develops motion sensors, light switches and power plugs that can be controlled remotely via an Android or iOS device using the outfit’s mobile app. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, however it’s reported that Samsung is acquiring SmartThings for around $200 million.

As Apple builds its own HomeKit-based hardware, it is interesting to see Samsung enter the same hardware space.

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5 Responses to “Samsung acquires iOS-connected home automation company SmartThings”

  1. standardpull says:

    Bah, grammar errors happen. Being a jerk is learned behavior.


  2. tesazt says:

    Dcj001… It could have just been a typo …


    • dcj001 says:

      Yeah. Your right.

      Oops. My fingers skipped over the apostrophe and the “e” keys, resulting in a typo.

      I’m thinking that Mark will remember this experience every time that he writes “your” and “you’re” in the future, and he probably will not make a mistake like this again, which was my goal when I pointed out the error.


  3. What’s funny is that Android fanboys say Apple has to buy companies in order to “innovate” but yet at the same time lather themselves about how Samsung and Android “innovate” even though this stuff happens. I bet they will say Samsung created this.


  4. What else could we expect from them?