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Apple today has expanded its Executive Leadership Team to include notable Apple Vice Presidents. The team shown on Apple’s official PR Bios website now includes Vice President of Special Projects Paul Deneve, Vice President of of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson, Vice President and Dean of Apple University Joel Podolny, Vice President of Hardware Technologies Johny Srouji, and Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources Denise Young Smith.

Interestingly, each of these positions is fairly new to Apple: Deneve joined from Yves Saint Laurent last year, Lisa Jackson moved over from the EPA last year, Joel Podolny went full-time on Apple University earlier this year, Young Smith was promoted to head of HR earlier this year, and Srouji became head of Hardware Technologies upon Bob Mansfield’s (second) role reduction last year

All of these Vice Presidents have reported to Apple CEO Tim Cook for several months, but it is interesting to see Apple finally giving these key members of the Apple fold some public spotlight. Adding these five important executives to the website also adds two more women as Apple moves to diversify its executive branch. Apple’s PR Bios page previously only included one woman Apple employees (Senior VP of Retail Angela Ahrendts) and two female board members (Andrea Jung and Susan Wagner).

You can find the full bios of each of the new additions below:

Screenshot 2014-08-15 09.22.31

Screenshot 2014-08-15 09.22.36

Screenshot 2014-08-15 09.22.40

Screenshot 2014-08-15 09.22.46

Screenshot 2014-08-15 09.22.51

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8 Responses to “Apple adds key Vice Presidents, more diversity to executive leadership page”

  1. I hope they aren’t being hired because they’re not white males, but for their abilities and talents.


  2. They must have read this: . I wonder if their keynote in September is still going to be a sausage fest again.


  3. Alan Aurmont says:

    Still missing Hispanic, American Indian, Eskimo, Nigerian, crazy Russian, Uzbek and Borat.