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Airport Express Base Station

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Airport Express Base Station

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Apple sells for $199.00
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Apple’s AirPort family of wireless routers begins with two accessories: the $99 AirPort Express and the $199 AirPort Extreme. Since June 2012, the AirPort Express has looked identical to the Apple TV, a small rounded square, but made from white plastic with slightly different ports on the back. It offers 802.11n support, twin Ethernet ports, a full-sized USB port for connecting a printer, and an analog/optical audio port. Previously, it was designed to rest next to a wall outlet, but now it is meant to sit on a table or desk.

In part because it needs significantly more space inside to hold large antennas for 802.11ac wireless support, the current AirPort Extreme looks like a much taller version of the AirPort Express. Introduced in June 2013, it features three inbound Ethernet ports, plus one for communication with a broadband modem, and one full-sized USB port for connecting a printer or hard drive. The exact same design is used in the AirPort Time Capsule, a version that includes either a 2TB or 3TB hard drive for backup purposes, selling for $299 or $399.

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Somewhat Recommend
We expect Apple to update the Airports to 802.11AC in 2013. If you can wait and desire that functionality hold off. Otherwise, Airports are relatively small investments that last for years.

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