Minecraft Reality: Minecraft developers Mojang officially announced a new augmented reality iOS app yesterday dubbed “Minecraft Reality” allowing players to view their Minecraft creations in the real world. The app was developed by 13th lab with a little help from Mojang using advanced computer vision and augmented reality tech. Users will also be able to save their creations at specific real-world locations for others users to discover:

The app uses your iOS device’s camera to track the surroundings, before projecting creations onto the landscape. You get to view the mind-boggling results on-screen. You can change the size of your object as you please, and even wander around it to view from different angles… Imagine being able to dump your Minecraft creations into the real world for other people to find. You could put an exploding creeper in your school, a cheeky pig in your garden, or a giant enemy crab on the beach, if you like.

Google Voice version 1.4.3:

– Optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 – Bug fixes and performance enhancements – iOS 4.3 or above is now required

Dropbox version 1.5.7: Dropbox gets a few nice new features today including improved video streaming, support for Password-protected Office documents on iOS 6, Italian and Iberian Spanish language support, and more.

• Improved video streaming • Italian and Iberian Spanish language support • Support for Password-protected Office documents (iOS 6) • Various bug fixes and performance improvement

Autodesk FormIt: A new mobile app from Autodesk will allow you to “Use real-world site information to help create forms in context and support early design decisions with real building data.” In other words, the ability to create building design concepts using a gallery of shapes, a searchable map interface, and satellite imagery to “design directly in the context of your proposed building location.” The iPad app is available for free on the App Store.

KORG iPolysix: KORG is releasing an analog polyphonic synthesizer app today for iPad that uses its “proprietary “CMT” (Component Modeling Technology) to simulate the actual electronic circuits” of the 1981 six-voice Polysix analog polyphonic synthesizer. The app is 50% off to celebrate its introduction.

Sonic Jump version 1.1:

BLUE SKY ZONE Jump through 12 new story levels and a new Arcade level with all new hazards, enemies & achievements AMY ROSE Unlock Amy as a playable character with her own unique abilities GLOBAL CHALLENGE Work with the global community to reach the Moon and unlock a new character in game! PLUS new level music, unlockable wallpapers & more!



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iOS Universal

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