Russian blog points us to a new hack for Apple TV users that brings Russian subscription TV & movie service to the device with no jailbreak required. The service, which is currently in beta, requires users to manually change the DNS on their device (easily accessible from within Settings) in order to access its digital TV service directly through Apple’s own Trailers app.

It isn’t the first hack of its kind: Just a couple weeks back, one of our favorite media servers, Plex, arrived on Apple TV without a jailbreak through what appeared to be a similar hack of the stock Trailers app.

The service is currently in beta, allowing users to access a number of Russian digital TV channels for free, but the creators plan to officially launch the service in September through its paid subscriptions. That is, of course, if Apple doesn’t put an end to it in the meantime.

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According to the the service’s website, it does operate under a license from several partners who own the exclusive rights to its content, but we’re sure Apple will have something to say about UnliMovie.TV coming to the Apple TV unofficially and the potential for other services to develop similar hacks.

Since it takes over Apple’s own Trailers app, you of course won’t be able to use the Trailers app while using the hack, but users can switch the DNS setting back to automatic at any time to restore the app.

The hack is available to those with second and third generation Apple TVs and has instructions on how to get its service up and running on its website.

Note: the screenshots are from a jailbroken Apple TV, but the hack is confirmed to work on non-jailbroken devices as well. 

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