At WWDC, Yahoo received an Apple Design Award for Yahoo Weather. This coincided with the unveiling of iOS 7 and its Weather app, which displayed striking similarities to Yahoo’s effort.

With the latest update to the app, Yahoo has brought the same award-winning design to the iPad. The full-bleed imagery from Flickr really shines on a larger display. The layout for iPad is largely a port of the iPhone design with upgraded icons and assets but refinements have been made for the iPad where necessary. For example, forecast information can be much larger because of the additional real-estate.

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Weather apps for iPad are in higher demand than on the iPhone, because Apple chooses not to include a stock weather iPad on its tablets. Yahoo’s offering is a good choice for anyone searching for a decent iPad weather app.


 In fact, it’s probably a good approximation of what Apple might do if they every decide to bring a native Weather app to the iPad, seeing how similar the iPhone counterparts of these apps are.

As you would expect, Yahoo Weather remains free to download on the App Store, now universal.

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