On Weibo, user dreamerJimmy has posted more shots of the supposed iPhone 6 design, which has shown up in photos time and time again in recent weeks. The new images are of reasonable quality, though and indicate how the larger phone would compare physically with the current iPhone 5s. The user has a good reputation for leaks, posting accurate images of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c months before their unveiling.

In the first image, the much thinner bezels of the supposed new device can be clearly seen, to maximise the screen space on the front side. The distance between the Home Button and the display has also been shortened.

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On the top side of the phone, the gaps between the FaceTime camera and speaker components have also been significantly reduced.  The hole for the front camera is also substantially larger in size, but it is unclear whether this signals upgrades to this component.

The back reflects previous leaks, with an all metal finish aside for some inlets on the top and bottom, currently assumed to be an affordance for the antenna system.

Nowhereelse.fr has also published images, pictured above, of what it claims is the iPhone 6 aluminium chassis. These pictures marry up with images posted a few days ago, which highlighted the thinness of the new phone.

As we get closer to the release for the iPhone 6, more tidbits and leaks about the product are likely to unfold, as Apple ramps production across its supply chain. Yesterday, the China Times said that Apple’s suppliers will start manufacturing circuit-boards for the phone by the end of the month. Component orders are expected to exceed 100 million.

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