The Apple TV is showing up as ‘Unavailable for pickup’ at Apple Stores across the U.S., with multiple NY Apple Stores we called saying that in-store stocks had been exhausted by demand created by the promotion offering $25 iTunes credit with every purchase, along with that generated by the upcoming London iTunes festival as well as the recent Lollapalooza livestream. Apple has been promoting the music festival as a good reason to buy the box now … 


The $25 iTunes promotion was first run back in February, prompting speculation that Apple might be clearing stock in readiness for a new model, but the latest information suggests that we won’t be seeing a significant update until next year, in line with our own expectations.

A beta version of the Apple TV software does, however, mean that owners are likely to see a more refined “Flat” user interface in a fall update.

ABC News provided an insight into usage of Apple TV boxes earlier this month, revealing that owners watch 50 percent more live video on Apple TV than on desktop and mobile combined.

Need an Apple TV now? It is still available at Best Buy, Amazon and a lot of other online retailers.

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