In a flurry of updates today, Amazon Cloud Drive and Sony’s Music Unlimited service have received updates for their respective streaming services. Amazon Cloud Drive adds AirPlay support for photo and video streaming to Apple TV, as well as exposing more metadata information in the UI. You can now also rename albums, although this is iPhone only for reasons unknown.

Sony has given its Music Unlimited app a big overhaul. The app has been modernized with iOS 7’s aesthetics, featuring sharp imagery and flat iconography. The team have also dedicated significant time in improving performance, to minimize the sluggishness customers complained about in previous versions. You can also edit playlists right from the app, a critical improvement for a music app.

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Speaking of multimedia, Yahoo Screen has added music videos from Vevo (the leading music video service, also seen on Apple TV).

The eBay team have given their popular app a wide range of minor improvements today, as well. Version 3.4 visual focuses on larger photos, product reviews and other related content to improve browsing. The app also has in-app notifications now, so push notifications aren’t missed if you are already browsing within eBay when alerts come in. For select locations, the update also exposes eBay now to users, a sort of ‘quick-stop shop’ from nearby stores to be delivered the same day.


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