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Jony Ive discusses Apple Watch design in new ABC News interview clip

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Earlier this week, ABC News teased an exclusive look at Apple’s newly-revealed product lineup. Today, the network put the first clip from that segment online, giving viewers a peek at an interiew with Tim Cook conducted right after the press event. Now ABC anchor David Muir has posted another clip, this time featuring Apple’s design chief Jony Ive.

In the clip, Ive notes that the entire Apple Watch project has been in development for about three years and discusses the “millions” of possible band, face, and casing combinations that make up the full family of wearables.

You can view the two-minute video below. The full interview aired earlier this evening, but is not yet available online.

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  1. Paul Grant - 9 years ago

    I hope the digital ‘crown’ was not Jony’s idea, because I think its the biggest reason to wait until Watch2 comes out with a simple side swipe/double tap to select — on both sides of the watch. I have big hands and I’m left handed. That’s two things immediately working against the mini right-sided Crown. Scroll wheels on devices… hum… Blackberry’s calling, Mr.Cook.

    • William Robinson - 9 years ago

      Like other iOS devices, the Watch will rotate its screen if the watch is worn on the right wrist (which places the crown to the left for left handed wearers). Zooming the app icons will make them larger, easier to select for large fingers. Once they’re available in Apple Stores to be handled, you’ll have a better idea if it fits would lifestyle.

      • Paul Grant - 9 years ago

        From what I’m now hearing, iOS setting to wear it on your right hand and navigate the crown with your left will be available. Had SJ been giving the presentation, he wouldn’t have glossed over what appeared to be a blatant oversight in usability. And visually, since the watch can flip, the crown should sit at the center of the frame and the power button at opposite to top side.

    • Rafael Holdings - 9 years ago

      i like all things Apple, including the watch, but if you’re looking for a digital watch with simplicity, functionality and great looks…nothing beats the Samsung Gear S. If I buy a digital watch, that will be the one.

      • Seth Weintraub - 9 years ago

        actually the moto 360 does pretty handily

  2. herb02135go - 9 years ago

    Meanwhile, a survey shows 44% would never wear such a device on their wrist.

    Good luck selling this one, Apple.

    • Mosha - 9 years ago

      It must be blissful in the little world you live in. If Apple manage to attract even 1% of all iOS (iPad/iPhone) users using a device compatible with BT 4.0 (Assuming thats the compatibility limitation based on the devices the watch will support. Apple will accrue a sale figure least 3-5million. Your argument is moot.

    • bellevueboy - 9 years ago

      They said the same when the iphone first came out. $600? Less battery life…no one will buy it.
      How did that turn out?

      • al0963 - 9 years ago

        Exactly, every blog that i go to its the same just whiners that maybe dont even have taste to dress themselves and that cant even draw a cartoon on a piece of paper, i will bet anything with anybody here that this thing will sell like hot cakes

    • abhishekjindal - 9 years ago

      The survey is very misleading and logically irrelevant actually. It should have considered only those respondents who own an iPhone, since those are the only ones that will be able to use the watch. Maybe then you will be able to extrapolate those numbers to all the existing compatible iPhone and potential iPhone customers. And just a personal hunch, this 44% could be sub 20 for that sample population.

    • bellevueboy - 9 years ago

      Also I think that we have not yet been able to fully comprehend the possibilities with watch kit apps. The walkie talkie app mention is just one of the application I and other users would be interested in.

    • irelandjnr - 9 years ago

      I love Apple and I think this Watch is beautiful, but I won’t be wearing one either. But that’s OK. All that means is their potential customer base is the percent of that other 66% of humans who can afford one and want one. That is OK. They already sell a phone for everyone anyway. This product has value and serves a purpose. Next up if they can subsidise it with a good TV show plan is a TV. That is something Apple could do very well with if they hammer out a contract deal with those idiot content owners.

    • What a survey on shamesung website? That’s rather amusing herbie.

    • shm1ck83 - 9 years ago

      The same people were surveyed and 100% found you to be a wanker

    • Dave Huntley - 9 years ago

      oh the negative nellie troll is back.

      if 44% of people don’t want to buy it, that leaves what, around 3 billion who do?

      you add nothing to the conversation, you just exist to try and pee people off. but you look empty is all you show us, you add nothing to the world.

    • repentantgamer - 9 years ago

      Quick – someone set this herb guy up with some butthurt cream. He needs it real bad.

    • Graham J - 9 years ago

      So billions would. Good market.

  3. jorge1170x - 9 years ago

    Jony may be a gifted designer, but Steve jobs was the visionary of the outfit, and maybe more importantly the “filter”. Tim Cook seems to be too nice a guy for the role, doesn’t have the same gift and eye, maybe no one will. Despite some very interesting things about the Apple Watch, Apple may very well have jumped the shark today. Good sales, of course, but let’s see if they can bounce back to “interesting” status in 2 years with the iPhone 7/Apple watch 2?

    • irelandjnr - 9 years ago

      Ah yeah, but Ive is the designer at the end of the day. He’s gifted. I could conceivably see this watch being the exact same had Jobs being alive. The pitch would have certainly been better, though.

      • jorge1170x - 9 years ago

        I honestly think SJ would have said guys it looks like a puffy flat pillow, do it again. Given it’s Apple, this thing should at least follow the curve of your wrist a little, and I’m sure the follow up one will. And I’m not hating on it just to hate, there are really nice elements of this that I’m looking forward to being ripped off by LG or whoever and sold for 1/2 the price lol, becasue I’m just lame like that.

  4. peterlobl - 9 years ago

    i like it! my pebble is functional if a bit flaky.. drab was ok as a first watch for me.. this looks rather exciting

  5. Marc Müller-Bremer - 9 years ago

    If this is the best they can do, what are they doing for work … Are they still leaving the house and watching what the others are doing??? poor!

  6. alessandrozotta - 9 years ago

    Can you please post or update this article when the full interview becomes available? :)

  7. irelandjnr - 9 years ago

    An exclusive interview and they can’t have it be one video. I fucking hate the way ABC and WSJ do this!!!

  8. irelandjnr - 9 years ago

    From ABC website:

    “Jony Ive, the Man Behind Apple Watch Design, Says Device Went Through ‘Millions’ of Versions”

    What idiots. He meant millions of combinations you dolts.

  9. Jim Phong - 9 years ago

    The real problem with Apple Watch is that Tim Cook limited its use to the last iPhone models only. Why?
    Why shouldn’t an Apple Watch work with an iPod Touch 5th Gen or an iPad Mini/Mini 2 or an iPad2, 3 , 4, Air ?

    • MiKey (@ExWoW) - 9 years ago

      Because the iPod Touch in general and all WiFi only iPads don’t have mobile Internet or GPS. I don’t believe many people walk around only with their cellular iPad and get it out for texting and checking social media. I’m obviously only speculating but I bet not even 5% of iPad users walk around without a Smartphone with them.

      If you have an iPad and a Android Smartphone… well then you’ve got a problem thats right. But thats exactly what Apple wants ;) Make you think you need that new iPhone

  10. Dave Huntley - 9 years ago

    i note how many are fixing on the heartbeat exchange as being a sign of a gimmick – but these models are global and people here who think that kind of thing is crass obviously don’t understand the large asian market – they will love that!

  11. Kevin Jöhr - 9 years ago

    Are people not upset about the fact that the camera is exceeding the phones body?! I am sure this would never have happened if Steve was still there. I mean what is the point in having a 6.7mm phone if the camera does not fit in? It just looks like a damn HTC of 2009

    • Jim Phong - 9 years ago

      The HTC , LG, Samsung and not even the Sony Android ones come with the quality Sony camera and optics that Apple buys from Sony itself…. So, for much better quality and features the camera exceeding the phone body it’s far from a problem. If there was a technology to make it even smaller right now surely Apple would have got it. If they didn’t do it this way they would have had to get a lower quality camera with no added DSLR like features.

  12. Thelip Thelip - 9 years ago

    Apple watch is dressed up Casio. And after all this time when we talk about Apple mobile products we are still talking about battery life. Apple makes good looking products (excluding the watch) but functionally they are second rate. a mobile product that can not function a normally day on a single charge is a nice “toy”.