With today’s launch of Apple Pay alongside iOS 8.1, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners can now use their phones to pay for goods using NFC & Touch ID. Apple states that over 220,000 stores are accepting Apple Pay, but finding nearby merchants can be a bit difficult without referring back to our running list 24/7.

As it turns out, the MasterCard Nearby app has a map view of merchants with Contactless (read: NFC-compatible) POS systems where you can use Apple Pay. Restaurants, entertainment locations, gas stations, and other types of businesses are listed out in the app.

In a WSJ interview, Eddy Cue stated “there’s a lot to do here” regarding Apple Pay, but with the technology already working with the open NFC technology rather than depending on merchants to sign a deal with Apple, the current number of businesses with compatible POS systems is promising.

(h/t @NSDelToro)

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