As we mentioned earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook is in attendance at the White House Summit on cybersecurity today at Stanford University where he’s expected to discuss Apple, privacy, and security. Notably, Tim Cook is the only technology company chief executive participating in the event with the White House as CEOs at Facebook, Yahoo, and Google each declined deciding to send lower-level staff instead. Other CEOs in attendance include the heads of Apple Pay partners Bank of America and Visa as well as the chief executive officer of AIG. You can view a stream of the event below:

While the summit has already kicked off with a live video stream available below, President Obama is expected to speak around 11:20 am PST/2:20 pm EST. Earlier today the White House announced an executive order to address issues like the massive Sony hack from North Korea late last year.

The action is intended in part to help companies and the government share information to prevent future attacks. In the past, Apple and Tim Cook have taken a firm stance on protecting customer privacy despite facing its own security issues like last year’s celebrity nude photo leak linked to iCloud.

Most recently, various government leaders have complained of the level of smartphone encryption implemented by companies like Apple and Google while Cook has used user privacy policies as a selling point for it products.

You can catch Cook’s remarks below now:

– Cook using frequently cited line about Apple selling products, not user information

– Cook says Apple has a security operations team monitoring their systems 24/7

– Despite FBI pushback, Cook says at summit that Apple is committed to encryption

– Cook says Apple has goal of running company on 100% renewable energy

– Cook describes future where government identification can be stored digitally and securely

– Cook says Apple Pay will be available for federal government transactions in September

– Cook discussing social issues and equality, says those in positions of responsibilities much protect privacy to protect way of life

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