Earlier today, Apple released a refreshed iPod touch with a faster processor, improved cameras, and new color and storage options. The iPod shuffle and nano also saw minor refreshes with the two devices now being available in dark blue, pink, and gold variations. Apple’s overdue iPod refresh, however, has prompted many users to wonder if it’s even worth it for Apple to continue investing energy and time into the iPod line of products.

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Seth noted earlier today that it seems Apple is very much still interested in the iPod touch market, but not so much the nano and shuffle arena. With that said, various signs point to the possibility that the iPod line as a whole is running on fumes. The Apple Watch, as prices decrease with generation updates, presents a viable alternative to the nano and shuffle, while the decreasing price of previous generation iPads are eating away at the iPod touch market. Not to mention today’s updates were the first to come to the iPod touch since 2012 and that the updates were announced via a press release. iPod refreshes used to have their own fall event.

What do you think? Should Apple kill off the iPod lineup of products or should it continue investing time and energy into its evolution? Take the poll below and let us know more of your thoughts in the comments.

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