We asked you yesterday to tell us how exciting you found the possibilities opened up by Apple’s patent for twin rear-facing cameras, and the results were very clear: 70.4% of you selected either ‘very exciting’ or ‘take my money.’

In addition to the possible applications I outlined in the piece, some of you had additional ideas that might be made possible by the dual-camera tech which has been rumored for the iPhone 7


One thought was to take two photos at different exposures, giving the user the chance to choose between them afterwards – or even allowing HDR video, where you can ensure that both bright and dark parts of video footage are properly exposed in the same way as the iPhone does with HDR stills.

Others wondered whether the approach might allow simulated shallow depth of field, emulating photos taken by large-sensor cameras like DSLRs and high-end compact cameras with APS-C sensors.

3D photography was another suggestion, perhaps creating images which could be used as iPhone wallpaper in a similar way to the existing parallax wallpaper images.

If you have other thoughts on how the technology could be used, do keep them coming.

Image: fiftyfootshadows.net

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