GoPro has been having a rough time as its stock price has stumbled over the last few months. Its signature action camera is a niche product and competitors are releasing cheaper clones that replicate most of the same functionality. Now, GoPro has acquired two mobile video apps to offer a complete capture and editing solution for its users.

Replay was shown off at an Apple event to demo the power of the iPad Air 2. The app combines photos and clips into a video complete with music, transitions, and other graphics. You may remember it from the “It’s road trip” blunder that happened on stage when the app was being demoed. The app is free to download, but in-app purchases are required to unlock all of its features.

Splice is also a free app that allows video editors to make complex video edits from a mobile device. Much like Replay, you can splice together your favorite clips, add narration or music, and add text overlays among other features.

The development teams for both apps will remain in their respective locations, and at this time, it appears that both apps will remain independent rather than be merged into the main GoPro app. Both apps are already on iOS and GoPro says that it will release Android versions later this year.

In offering a mobile video solution and doing more than just capturing video, GoPro hopes consumers will stay within their ecosystem. GoPro ultimately has big plans for the apps and wants to make mobile the “predominant editing platform of the future.”

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