iMac Pro — Apple’s most powerful Mac yet — is hitting stores and arriving for customers today, and a special black Lightning cable isn’t the only surprise in the box. iMac Pro includes a new macOS desktop wallpaper as seen on the box, and 9to5Mac alumnus Dom Esposito has shared the source image with us below.

Apple’s new iMac Pro starts at $5,000 and costs upwards of $13,000 for the most spec’d out 18-core builds. iMac Pro is the first desktop Mac to sport the darker space gray aluminum finish and the only way to acquire the black and space gray Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and Magic Trackpad 2 (without spending $2500 on eBay).

$5000 and up also lands you a set of special black Apple stickers (12-inch MacBook includes space gray and gold stickers but all other stickers are white) and an exclusive new macOS desktop wallpaper based on the iMac Pro marketing campaign.

Check out the stormy blue space cloud ripped directly from macOS on an iMac Pro below to download it and use on your own devices without dropping five grand:

Check out Dom’s channel at as a thanks for sharing the awesome new wallpaper, and stay tuned for his in-depth iMac Pro video!

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