One thing I personally struggle with is putting my phone down right before bed. This is mostly due to the constant text conversations I have back and forth with various people.

In iOS 12, Apple has introduced a new feature called Do Not Disturb at Bedtime. What this feature does is it will automatically silence notifications at night, as well as not show anything on the lock screen while iPhone or iPad is locked, aside from the time, date, and weather the next morning.

iOS 12: How to enable Do Not Disturb at Bedtime

  1. Head to Settings > Do Not Disturb.
  2. Set a schedule first, if not already. This schedule should be the roughly the time you go to bed and when you get up.
  3. After setting a schedule, a new setting will pop up, Bedtime Mode. Enable that. Now, when the time lapses, your lock screen will no longer display notifications or media tiles. It will simply dim your entire lock screen and let you know that you have this feature enabled, only giving you the time, date, and status bar.

Just like Do Not Disturb before, this doesn’t stop you from using your devices at night. It simply snoozes all notifications coming in and hides them from you until the morning. If you enjoy reading eBooks or like to lay in bed for several hours reading the news or social media, this lets you do so without being notified of any new information coming in.

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