While blocking pop-ups is generally helpful, there are times when you’ll need to enable them. Follow along for how to allow pop-ups on Mac.

Some websites may require pop-ups. This ranges from financial institutions, educational sites, to different companies’ chat support software, like Amazon.

Here’s a look at how to allow pop-ups on Mac with Safari. We’ll cover how to enable pop-ups for specific websites as well as changing the default setting for all websites.

How to allow pop-ups on Mac

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click Safari → Preferences
  3. Select Websites at the top
  4. Click Pop-up Windows on the left sidebar
  5. Customize your pop-up preferences

Follow along below for a closer look:

Click on the Websites tab at the top, then Pop-up Windows on the left hand sidebar.

allow pop-ups Mac

Click on Safari and then Preferences.

allow pop-ups on Mac

Open the website in Safari that you’d like to enable pop-ups for. You’ll see it in the list as shown in the image above.

Click on the drop down option to the right to select Allow.

allow pop-ups Mac

In the bottom right corner, you can also change the default behavior for all websites.

allow pop-ups Mac

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