Thinking of upgrading your Apple Watch or just curious what it’s worth? Read on for how to check your Apple Watch trade-in value and make sure you get the best price possible.

There are a variety of ways to trade-in your current Apple Watch for credit towards a new one. You’ll often get more value if you upgrade to a new Apple Watch or opt for a gift card. However, some programs will offer cash.

Here are some great options to make sure you’re getting the most for your Apple Watch trade-in.

How to check your Apple Watch trade-in value

  1. Head to Apple’s GiveBack webpage
  2. Scroll down, select Watch and enter your Apple Watch details
  3. Also get a quote from our partner MyPhones Unlimited
  4. Another good option is eBay

Here’s how the process looks with Apple:

Note: trade-ins through Apple are only good for a gift card, but you can hold on to it and use it anytime in the future if you don’t want to spend it immediately.

Apple GiveBack check Apple Watch trade-in value

Enter your Apple Watch serial number and answer a few questions about your wearable:

Apple GiveBack Apple Watch trade-in questions

Keep going until you see your Apple Watch trade-in value.

Apple GiveBack Apple Watch trade-in value final screen

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