Now that Apple’s second-generation AirPods have hit the market, there are variety of scenarios in which you might need to check the model of AirPods or charging case.

If you’re thinking of buying used or refurbished AirPods or maybe won the Apple’s popular wireless earphones in a giveaway, it’s good to confirm which model you’re looking at. Read on below for a few ways to differentiate between the first- and second-generation AirPods and wireless and standard charging cases.

How to check the model of your AirPods and charging case


  1. If your AirPods are connected to your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings → General → About → then swipe down to AirPods where you’ll find the model number and serial number
  2. If the AirPods aren’t connected, you can find the model number in a tiny font on the inside of each earbud (you may need a magnifying glass)
  3. If you have the box you can find the model number on the bottom edge
  4. A1523/A1722 are first-gen AirPods, A2032/A2031 are second-gen AirPods

Charging case

  1. If you have an LED on the outside of the case, it’s the wireless charging case (also supports Lightning charging)
  2. If your LED is on the inside of the case, it’s the standard charging case (supports Lightning charging only)
  3. You can also find the model number of the charging case in the upper right portion of the top of the case’s lid as shown below

check AirPods charging case model

Wireless charging case on left with exterior LED, standard charging case on right

More details on identifying your AirPods and charging case can be found on Apple’s support document.

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