One of the pitfalls of Apple Card is that it’s rather walled off in the Apple ecosystem. One solution to this, however, is to access PDF versions of your monthly Apple Card statements that can then be shared elsewhere. Here’s how to do that.

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Notably, Apple Card does not currently support exporting transaction data to budgeting services like Mint. Obtaining PDF versions of your Apple Card statement at least makes it easier to quickly view a month of transactions and share your statement to other platforms.

How to view Apple Card PDF statements:

  1. Open the Wallet app on iPhone
  2. Tap your Apple Card
  3. Tap the “Total Balance” square
  4. Choose the month of the statement you want
  5. Select “Download PDF Statement”
  6. You can now view, share, and export the statement

One possibility in the future could be that services like Mint could add support for parsing these PDF Apple Card statements. Ideally, however, Apple will just add support for exporting Apple Card transaction data sooner rather than later.

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