AAPL: 156.25


With iPhone 8 now on sale, all eyes are on the upcoming iPhone X. A morning report from KGI reiterates production issues we’ve been hearing about the iPhone X, indicating that only 2-3 million units will be shipped for sale before the launch on November 3rd (preorders open a week from today).

KGI points to supply shortages for several components including circuit boards for the iPhone X antenna and wide angle camera, and the depth-sensing Infrared dot projector.

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October 12

AAPL: 156.00


Apple has pledged to donate $1 million to the wildfire relief effort in California, San Francisco Chronicle reports. The company has also encouraged employees to help individually by promising to match employee donations two-to-one.

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October 3

AAPL: 154.48


Yahoo today has disclosed that the 2013 hack initially thought to have affected 1 billion accounts actually affected all 3 billion of its user accounts. The company made the announcement in a filling with the SEC…

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September 25

AAPL: 150.58


AAPL stock is down slightly today due to a report from Digitimes that Apple has asked suppliers to slow down delivery of iPhone X components, and investor fears that iPhone 8 demand is weak.

On the other side of the spectrum, KGI today says that iPhone X demand could reach 40-50 million units due to strong interest …

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September 21

AAPL: 153.39


Tim Cook says Apple is donating $1 million to earthquake recovery efforts in Mexico

Following the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City and surrounding areas on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook has announced today that Apple will be contributing $1 million to recovery efforts in the country…

September 13

AAPL: 159.65


Report: Apple to put $3 billion into deal to acquire Toshiba’s storage business

In the story that feels like it will never end, Bloomberg reports that Apple is mulling a $3 billion stake in Bain Captial’s bid to purchase Toshiba’s memory chip business. Apple’s involvement in deals to purchase Toshiba’s memory business has wavered, but it now seems that the company is heavily investing in Bain’s bid…

September 12

AAPL: 160.86


Market intelligence company TrendForce is predicting that Apple will sell around 227.5M iPhones this year, which would be 5.6% up on last year. This would represent growth above the overall smartphone market, which it expects to increase its sales by 4.8%.

The company expects sales of the OLED model to be significant not just for Apple but for the smartphone sector as a whole …

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September 5

AAPL: 162.08


Apple to sell another round of debt, this time worth $5 billion

Apple today has started offering another round of bonds to help pay for shareholder dividends and its stock buyback program. The latest offering will be for a total of $5 billion.

August 28

AAPL: 161.47


Tim Cook offloads more than $43 million in AAPL stock

Apple CEO Tim Cook has sold some $43 million worth of Apple stock according to filings made with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Cook sold 268,623 restricted stock units, some of which were performance based and others time.

August 21

AAPL: 157.21


A Korean report on the Samsung-made OLED display for the iPhone 8 claims that the speed of the facial-recognition system used in the device will be measured in ‘millionths of a second.’

All the latest reports are pointing to Apple abandoning TouchID in the new flagship phone, replacing it with face recognition for both unlock and Apple Pay authorization. Though concerns have been expressed about this, it appears that Apple may have successfully addressed them …

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August 14

AAPL: 159.85


Google pays $3 billion for default search on iOS, estimated to be bulk of Apple services business

Being the default search engine on iOS is highly lucrative for Google, with Apple’s devices predicted to account for approximately 50% of Google’s mobile search revenue. So much so that one financial firm estimates that Google will pay Apple $3 billion this year to remain the default.

August 1

AAPL: 150.05


Apple announces it has now sold over 1.2 billion iPhones

Tim Cook today touted that Apple has now sold over 1.2 billion iPhones, a milestone achieved in just a decade. The news was announced during Apple’s Q3 2017 earnings call and comes a year after Apple revealed it had sold 1 billion iPhones.

July 28

AAPL: 149.50


Nokia has disclosed that Apple made a $2 billion cash payment last quarter as part of the deal to settle patent disputes between the companies. Specific details of the settlement were previously not reported. Nokia has also revealed more information about how Apple and Nokia will work together going forward.

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July 26

AAPL: 153.46


WhatsApp announces over 1 billion daily active users & other stats

Popular messaging app WhatsApp announced today that it has reached one billion daily active users as the company also shared some other stats on how the service is being used. The one billion active daily users is up from the one billion monthly actives it announced last year, and monthly users too are up:

July 7

AAPL: 144.18


Hilton says smartphone door unlocking used 11 million times without being hacked

A growing number of hotels are now allowing people to use their iPhone (and in some cases, Apple Watch) to unlock their doors. The Hilton hotel group, which first started experimenting with the technology three years ago, says that the security of the system is now firmly proven …

June 27

AAPL: 143.73


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network now sees 2 billion people using the platform each month. Facebook is marking the milestone with a new Good Adds Up campaign launching one day after the Messenger team announced new enhancements coming to the app.

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Apple’s highly anticipated 2017 iPhone cycle is a matter of months away, and the supply chain reports are rolling in as production ramps up. The iPhone 8 is expected to be a major upgrade with a new bezel-less design, stainless steel and glass chassis, and an 5.8-inch OLED display.

There are always stories about iPhone delays, although this year it feels like we have had more than ever. A new report from Digitimes blames OLED panel supply as the latest bottleneck in the production process …

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June 13

AAPL: 146.59


Two months ago Apple announced 96% of its worldwide energy now comes from renewable sources and also pledged to reach 100% by getting its supply chain to invest in renewable energy. Today Apple has announced it is issuing a $1 billion green bond to further its renewable initiatives…

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June 12

AAPL: 145.42


$1B hedge fund founder thinks Amazon will beat Apple to become first trillion-dollar company

It’s been widely predicted for many years now that AAPL will become the first company in the world to achieve a market capitalization of a trillion dollars, but one credible commenter thinks Amazon may get there first.

June 8

AAPL: 154.99


A new report out of China details the arrest of some 20 employees working as Apple distributors who illegally sold customer data as part of a $7 million operation. The arrested employees reportedly worked in “direct marketing and outsourcing” roles for the company in the Zhejiang province.

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