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November 5

Apple hires former Tesla Autopilot software exec to bolster self-driving car effort

As reported by Bloomberg late on Friday, Apple has hired away Tesla’s former Autopilot software director Christopher Moore. Bloomberg says Moore will report to Stuart Bowers, another former Tesla employee. Apple has been not-so-quietly working on a self-driving electric car project for more than five years, codenamed Project Titan. The group has seen much leadership […]

November 18

Apple now believes it can ship self-driving EV as soon as 2025, Bloomberg reports

Apple is currently determined to ship an electric car that can drive its passengers around within the next four years, according to reporting from Bloomberg. The latest report emphasizes both the features and pacing set by current leadership over the project at Apple.

November 15

Apple adds more drivers to its autonomous car fleet; number of cars remains at 69

After cutting its California self-driving test fleet to 54 in May, Apple has been consistently expanding the number of drivers as months go by. Now, the company has 137 drivers. As spotted by macReports with numbers from the California DMV, Apple is slowly going closer to the number of drivers it had last October: 154.

November 24

Apple-designed chip journey to continue with modem chip in 2023

Earlier this year, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the Apple-designed chip journey would continue as the company worked on developing its own modem chip, and that we might see this as early as 2023. A new report today echoes this, but seems more confident about the 2023 date. Apple currently uses Qualcomm for […]

October 22

Report: Apple Car battery talks with Chinese suppliers on pause, shift to Panasonic

This past summer we learned that Apple was in talks with China’s CATL and BYD to supply battery packs for its electric vehicle. But now it appears the negotiations have stalled as Apple allegedly wants the batteries to be made in the US as well as an exclusive manufacturing operation.

October 4

Apple hiring for ‘Radar Test Engineer’ to join its ‘autonomous systems’ team amid Apple Car rumors

Apple posted a new job opening over the weekend aimed to bolster its autonomous, electric vehicle efforts. Work on Apple Car has seen some challenges recently with the company losing its Project Titan VP, Doug Field. However, the work continues on as Apple looks for a Radar Test Engineer.

October 11

Concept: Here’s how Apple could supercharge CarPlay with deeper integrations and more

CarPlay has always been a temporary way for Apple to get its software into existing cars while they work on something far more innovative. Everyone under the sun knows that Apple is building its own car. When we will see the rumored “Project Titan” though, nobody knows. In the meantime, Apple appears to be expanding […]

September 13

Apple continues expanding California self-driving test fleet as it adds more drivers

After cutting its California self-driving test fleet to 54 in May, Apple has been expanding the number of drivers as months go by. Now, the company has over 114 drivers.

September 7

Ford poaches Apple Car VP, former Tesla exec Doug Field in setback for Project Titan

Bloomberg is reporting today that Apple’s self-driving car project has suffered a major setback. According to the report, Ford has poached Doug Field from Apple. Field joined Apple from Tesla and had been one of the key players on the Project Titan team, serving as a VP on the special projects team.

September 9

Bloomberg: Kevin Lynch tapped to lead Apple Car project in latest shakeup

Just days after it was revealed that Apple VP Doug Field was stepping down from the Apple Car project for a new gig at Ford, Apple’s Project Titan has a new boss. A report from Bloomberg today says that Apple’s Kevin Lynch is taking over the Apple Car efforts.

Report: Apple hires new leader to reform its bug bounty program amid complaints from researchers

Apple announced a major expansion to its bug bounty program in 2019, offering higher payouts to researchers, Mac support, dedicated developer devices, and more. Two years later, Apple is calling the revamped bug bounty program a “runaway success,” while a report from the Washington Post says security researchers are “fed up” with the program.

September 3

Apple picks up two Mercedes engineers, likely for Apple Car team

Apple Car rumors have really heated up this year with a variety of predictions pointing to production possibly starting as soon as 2024 for an actual vehicle. And amid Apple working to step into a whole new industry, the company has hired two more veteran engineers, this time from Mercedes.

September 2

Digitimes: Apple rumored to start Apple Car production in 2024

According to a new report from Digitimes, Apple is targeting 2024 for the mass production of the Apple Car. Digitimes says Apple is in conversations with Japanese and Asian suppliers, including visits to Toyota, LG Electronics and SK Group.

August 31

Apple among tech companies lobbying against tax hikes included in $3.5 trillion economic plan

Apple is among the corporations planning a Washington, DC, lobbying push against the Biden administration’s proposed $3.5 trillion spending plan. According to a new report from the Washington Post, companies and lobbying groups representing the likes of Apple, Walmart, ExxonMobil, Pfizer, and the Walt Disney Company are pushing back against the proposed corporate tax increases […]

August 9

Exclusive Apple Arcade game ‘Fantasian’ sets part two release date

In March, the game community got excited about Final Fantasy’s creator last game ‘Fantasian,’ an exclusive story coming to Apple Arcade. It launched in April, and now, Hironobu Sakaguchi announced that part two is ready to be released.

August 4

HBO Max follows Apple TV+ strategy, offers free episodes of its best TV shows for non-subscribers

More than one year since HBO launched HBO Max, it’s now following an Apple TV+ strategy. The streaming service will start to offer free episodes of its best TV shows for non-subscribers. According to a blog post by WarnerMedia, starting now, “potential new subscribers in the US” are offered “the opportunity to watch select episodes […]

August 2

Ahead of iPhone 13, Google teases new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with its own custom silicon

After taking a mid-range approach with the Pixel 5, Google has officially teased it’s ready to take on the high-end market and iPhone 13 and 13 Pro with its fall smartphone lineup. The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will come with a custom “Tensor” chip, all-new design, 120Hz display, in-screen fingerprint reader, 4x zoom […]

July 20

AAPL slides from almost $150 to $142.45 on COVID-19 fears

It’s less than a week since a succession of record highs saw Apple stock close in at $150, but investors have seen AAPL slide to $142.45 in the past few days. AAPL hit $149.76 on July 15 before starting a decline that accelerated yesterday …

July 16

Report: Apple Watch and Health exec Kevin Lynch joining the Apple Car team

As Apple continues its work on self-driving car technology, it’s shifting one of its best-known executives to the Project Titan team. According to a report from Insider, Kevin Lynch has been tapped to join the team working on the car project.

July 13

Apple reportedly wants batteries for the Apple Car to be produced in the US

Project Titan has gone through many phases since its introduction into the rumor mill in 2015. For a while, Apple had focused on autonomous driving technology rather than hardware. Although the actual car is still several years away, most publications now believe that Apple is once again aiming to ship an actual electric vehicle. Digitimes today has a report on the battery supply chain.

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