Adele Stories June 24, 2016

Adele does U-turn, allows ’25’ album to stream on Apple Music & other services

Adele said last year that her long-awaited follow-up album ’25’ would not be available for streaming, telling Time magazine that ‘music should be an event’ and streaming was ‘a bit disposable.’ However, Billboard revealed that she had now changed her mind, and the album is indeed available to stream today on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and other services.

The decision may have been influenced by ratings …

Adele Stories November 19, 2015

Adele won’t be sharing her upcoming album ’25’ with Apple Music subscribers

Adele’s people have already tried to get her new blockbuster album, 25, into Apple Store retail shelves as physical CD volumes with no success, but she isn’t so keen on Apple Music streaming. According to the New York Times, Adele’s management has informed digital music distributors that 25 will not be offered for streaming, at least at launch. You can of course buy the album on the iTunes Store; preorders are up now.

Adele Stories October 29, 2015

Apple refuses to sell Adele’s new album as a physical CD in Apple retail stores

Adele has been turned down by Apple as the company is refusing to sell her new album in its stores. Whilst that may sound surprising, it turns out Apple actually declined from stocking physical CD album copies of her album in Apple retail stores as per Adele’s representative’s request (according to The Daily Mail). Apple declining to stock physical media … shocking right?

For the company that revolutionized digital music and released a streaming music service with much fanfare earlier in the year, it’s quite hilarious that a top artist’s team even tried such a request. You can, of course, get the debut single ‘Hello’ from Apple’s digital stores including Apple Music … but getting the Apple Store to sell physical media, especially when practically none of its products include optical disk drives, is a step too far in the past.

Adele Stories October 23, 2015

Initial Apple Music holdout Adele brings her new single ‘Hello’ to the service from today (iTunes too)

Adele, who initially declined to allow her music onto Apple Music, has brought her new single ‘Hello’ to the streaming music service. The single is also available on iTunes.

Adele hasn’t had the easiest of relationships with streaming music services. She refused to allow Spotify to stream 21 until long after its release, and didn’t sign up to Apple Music until the company did a U-turn on its initial plan not to pay royalties to artists during the three-month free trial. Apple changed its mind after Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple.

It’s been four years since Adele’s last album, 21, and her follow-up, 25, is scheduled for release on November 20. The singer-songwriter said she was sorry it had taken so long.

“[25] is about getting to know who I’ve become without realising,” Adele added. “And I’m so sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

25 can be pre-ordered from iTunes from today.

Adele Stories June 24, 2015


Apple’s decision to reverse course and pay royalties to artists during the three-month free trial of Apple Music appears to have persuaded indie labels to sign up to the service. Billboard reports that Beggars Group – which owns 4AD, XL, Matador and Rough Trade – has signed, and Merlin, which represents 20,000 indie labels and distributors, has recommended the deal to its members.

Apple Music, the hardware giant’s soon-to-launch streaming service, has landed an eleventh-hour coup, striking deals with the independents’ digital rights organization Merlin and with Martin Mills’ indie powerhouse Beggars Group, sources tell Billboard.

The biggest name represented by Merlin is Adele. While most of Merlin’s members are likely to sign following the company’s endorsement, Adele of course has the clout to make her own decision, so it’s not yet certain that she will come on board …  expand full story

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