Instacast Stories June 14, 2015

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Popular podcasting app Instacast for iOS and Mac is shutting down as the founders can no longer fund it or any of Vemedio’s other projects.

In an email sent to paid members, Martin Hering says that all of Vemedio’s products will be ‘discontinued’, with Instacast being the most well known app affected by this. The company says they will keep the servers up for as long as possible so current users will not be left with non-functional apps immediately.

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Instacast Stories May 22, 2015

Now you can start playing 9to5Mac’s Happy Hour podcast from your Apple Watch

Watch OS 1.0 (and 1.0.1) decidedly omits certain iPhone apps like Podcasts and Reminders from the Apple Watch, leaving third-party apps to fill these spaces for users. Today a new version of Instacast for iPhone was released, adding an Apple Watch app with a Now Playing Glance, playback from notifications, and more as a free addition in the update. expand full story

Instacast Stories March 4, 2014

After Mark uncovered it last April and Apple announced it last June, this week we’ve seen a steady stream of details about Apple’s iOS and car integration following Apple’s marketing push. There’s plenty more coverage on the way as we continue to explore what CarPlay means for Apple and its users, but now we want to hear from you. What effect will CarPlay have on your next car purchase?

Cars certainly aren’t purchases you make impulsively (or often), and CarPlay seems to address that by relying on the iPhone (something we may purchase impulsively and often) for much of the functionality. Among other things, will CarPlay be on the list of things you look for in your next car purchase? expand full story

Instacast Stories May 1, 2013

Vemedio releases Instacast for Mac public beta (Updated 2x: early bird pricing, Instacast Mac 1.0 available)

Instacast for iOS is a hugely popular podcast catcher for podcast fans, but aside from iTunes, there hasn’t been much activity in this space on the desktop.

Last year, Vemedio, maker of Instacast, launched version 3.0 of their iOS podcast client, which moved from using iCloud sync to their own more reliable solution.

Today, Vemedio released its first public beta of Instacast for Mac for free, but I’m sure we can expect Vemedio to be a paid app when it launches.

Download the beta here.

Shameless plug: We just launched our own Happy Hour podcast on iTunes over the weekend. Subscribe here!

Update: Vemedio has announced early bird pricing for Instacast for Mac is now available at $14.99 and has no immediate plans for a Mac App Store version due to its robust feature set.

Update 2: Vemedio has taken Instacast out of beta after just 28 days with early bird pricing around until May 31st.

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