Laurene Powell Jobs Stories March 6, 2019

Laurene Powell Jobs says media should be careful, Trump attacks ‘out of a dictator’s playbook’

Laurene Powell Jobs has said that President Trump’s attacks on the media are ‘right out of a dictator’s playbook,’ and that the press needs to be careful not to play into his hands by publishing stories without vetting them …

Laurene Powell Jobs Stories June 12, 2018

Laurene Powell Jobs’ foundation backs for-profit companies that ‘align with our mission’

Steve Jobs always said that Apple was about changing the world for the better, and his widow Laurene Powell Jobs clearly shares the view that for-profit companies can do just that …

Laurene Powell Jobs Stories July 28, 2017

Laurene Powell Jobs buys majority stake in The Atlantic magazine

Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs has bought a majority stake in The Atlantic magazine.

Laurene Powell Jobs Stories May 31, 2017

How to watch a rare live interview with Laurene Powell Jobs tonight

We learned last month that Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs would be giving a rare interview on her approach to philanthropy at the Code conference.

Laurene Powell Jobs Stories April 15, 2013

Laurene Powell Jobs talks about husband’s legacy, immigration reform

A nice way to look at the legacy all around.

Laurene Powell Jobs Stories December 24, 2012

Impounded Steve Jobs yacht free to sail after dispute is temporarily resolved

After the yacht Steve Jobs commissioned was impounded in Amsterdam over a payment dispute with designer Phillipe Starck earlier this month, it has been released today. AFP reported that Steve Jobs’ estate paid the designer to release it, but no specific amount was detailed.

Starck originally sought an unpaid 3 million euro of the 9 million euro that he claimed he was entitled to for his work. He was holding the ship, named “Venus”, until the money was received, but it’s not clear if it was the full $3 million euros. The dispute occurred because Jobs and Starck had no formal contract to detail how much would be paid, as the two had a mutual trust between each other.

The 105 million euro ship was designed by Steve Jobms and set sail after his death. It is currently ported in Amsterdam and awaiting a voyage to the United States, so Laurene Powell Jobs and her family can enjoy it. In the “Steve Jobs” biography by Walter Isaacson, he called the ship “sleek and minimalist” with a control panel made up of non-other than seven iMacs.

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