Parler Stories May 17, 2021

Last month we learned that Apple had approved the latest update that Parler had submitted, giving the green light to allow the social media platform back on the App Store. However, Parler hadn’t released the update and the app wasn’t available – until today. Here’s how Parler was able to “address Apple’s concerns without compromising” its “core mission.”

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Parler Stories March 10, 2021

In January, following the insurrection at the US Capital, Apple kicked the social media network Parler off the App Store, citing its lack of moderation. After a recent review, Apple has apparently declined Parler’s request to come back to the App Store.

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Parler Stories January 18, 2021

Parler website back online as Epik hosts; Capitol rioters banned from dating apps

The Parler website and app went offline last week, with the company’s CEO blaming Apple and Google for ‘destroying the company.’ This claim may be a little premature, however, as the website came back online today, albeit with only a holding message for now …

Parler Stories January 15, 2021

We’re learning of Twitter plans for handling the presidential transition, in terms of the official and unofficial accounts used by the White House.

Separately, a developer has used archived versions of videos posted on Parler to create an interactive map of video footage shot in and around the Capitol during the attempted coup …

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