promotions Stories February 4, 2015

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Verizon is following its More Everything holiday promotion today with a new limited time promo for its customers, the carrier announced today. Starting tomorrow, Verizon will begin offering customers data plans at new price points from 1GB up to 20GB with most price tiers being reduced by $10/month compared to their previous rates.

With the new plans, customers can take advantage of plans with the same data amount at a cheaper rate, or pay the same price and receive a data increase. Additionally, Verizon will introduce more data tiers with 12GB, 14GB, and 16GB options. expand full story

promotions Stories January 15, 2015


I was extremely surprised when Apple made the decision to drop its Single of the Week, after doing the same thing with its 12 Days of Christmas promo. As I wrote then, the free single seemed a win-win-win: consumers got free music, lesser-known artists got exposure, Apple got the goodwill that stems from giving away free stuff.

But thinking more about it, perhaps there is method in Apple’s madness after all. Let’s start with the obvious point: the company is about to launch an Apple-branded Beats Music service, and it would then make sense to say that this, not iTunes freebies, is the way to discover new music.

But it’s not just music: 12 Days of Christmas was content of all types, apps included, so I think there could be a bigger picture here. Bear with me while I make that case in a slightly roundabout fashion …

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promotions Stories August 26, 2014

T-Mobile doubling tablet data and increasing the number of supported family plan lines

Today, T-Mobile’s continued its aggressive marketing blitz, announcing a new promotion that doubles tablet data for its customers, along with an increase to the number of lines supported by its family plans. Starting on September 3rd for $10 extra per month, T-Mobile will match Simple Choice data allotments by up to 5GB, with the extra data bucket being available exclusively to your network-connected tablet.

promotions Stories January 30, 2012

Since the iPhone 4S landed on Sprint in October, users have not had access to an official Sprint iOS app to manage their account similar to what other iPhone carriers provide. Now the carrier has launched its new “Sprint Mobile Zone” app (via SprintFeed) that allows users to manage their online accounts, access promotions and Sprint news, and more. Despite account access seemingly just serving websites from the carrier’s existing browser experience, in contrast to the un-installable carrier apps on Android, this is how all carrier apps should be.

In addition to the features mentioned above for Sprint customers, both Sprint and non-Sprint iPhone users will be able to access “Device Info” with the usual battery statistics, data connections information, and available resources. There is also an Apple and Sprint store locator and quick links to Sprint support and Apple Care. Get the free app now for iOS devices running iOS 5.0 and up (iTunes link).

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