A report on Monday indicated that Apple is spending upwards of $30 million a month on Amazon Web Services, suggesting Apple’s spending had increased by about 10% over the previous year.

Today, The Information disputes these claims. It says that Apple spent about $370 million across 2018 (roughly $30m per month) but that is actually down compared to the year previously. In fact, Apple reportedly paid $775 million for AWS in 2017, which means 2018’s numbers represent a 50% drop …

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Apple has announced a recall of wall plug adapters used in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It follows six incidents of electric shocks resulting from the plugs breaking, exposing metal contacts.

The plugs were sold with a range of Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods, but you only have to worry about them if you’re using a rather elderly model – or bought the official Apple World Travel Adapter Kit a long time ago …

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A Japanese site has got hold of some 3D-printed iPhone 11 dummies which give a very rough-and-ready sense of how this year’s flagship iPhones might look.

We’ve heard quite a few suggestions about what we might expect from the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI) later this year, with a triple-camera arrangement on the rear of the device one of the most consistent reports …

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AliveCor beat the Apple Watch to market with an iPhone-connected gadget with FDA approval to detect AFib – and has now been given clearance to report two more heart conditions to consumers.

The KardiaMobile EKG Monitor is a tiny $99 device that measures heart-rate through two finger pads, with results reported in an iPhone app. The company already had clearance to detect AFib, but has now been approved to detect two other common heart conditions …

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